The Century-Old Bull Market

  • 1906-1924: Bear Market (18 years)

  • 1924-1942: Period of Adjustment  (18 years)

  • 1942-1966: Bull Market (24 years)

  • 1966-1982: Bear Market (16 years)

  • 1982-2000: Bull Market (18 years)

  • 2000-2016: Bear Market (17 years)

  • 2016-2032: Bull Market (16 years)

Great Depression? IS THE BULL MARKET DEAD?

Let me give the answer very quickly and emphatically: NO! What we are experiencing is a nasty 4 year cycle low correction in the share markets. The last one had some bite to it in 2016. Yes, the Covid-19 virus was the pin that popped the ballon and started this correction - but they are in the end healthy profit taking events. Every bull market has a driver or sectors that lead it. In the 1990's it was the personal computer, in 2000's it was the internet and biotech. The next decade will be led by artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and advanced biotech life sciences. Yes there will be many bumps and wiggles into our forecast of 2032 , but all ultimately leading to much higher prices in equities. A target of DOW 130,000 by 2032 is not outlandish by any means. Yes there will be recessionary blimps that come and go for periods of 12-16 months as recessions are normally very short lived. And the funny thing about them is when they do finally occur and the mainstream acknowledges them, it's nearly over! As long we maintain the economic system of capitalism which is predicted on asset inflation the bull will live. In the decades ahead there will be periods where the stock markets of the world produce no returns for a decade as witnessed in the past from 1930-2009. This forecast is meant to sooth the nerves pf those under 65, heavily invested in growth stocks and currently hyperventilating about one of the biggest beat downs in stocks since 1929! During this next 12 year advance in our current bull market it won’t be all roses. Possible events such as currency resets, state succession, global monetary crisis, more pandemics, natural disasters and last but not least the mother of all debt bombs popping. We are currently enjoying a large profit in our TQQQ trade from March 23, the day the market put in its possible long term bottom. There will be a fortune made in gold and silver the next 4 years, which we specialize in buying and selling. Follow our investment ideas and philosophy by joining us at HFZ.